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The Scoop About Us

Heiba Crusher is located in Suez on the known Ataqa Hill near the Suez Canal. This location has been known to be prime for aggregate extraction. It is also prime because Suez in itself is an industrial city with necessary maintenance and supplies is easily located near the site.
This project is run by over 300 employees on a 24 hour a day rotation system. The crushing cycle never stops and our team is the reason behind this success. Our team ranges from office managers, on field managers, accountants, drivers and machinery operators to maintenance crews. 
What we produce is the aggregate required to create concrete and asphalt. We produce 3 different sized aggregates 13mm, 20mm and 20mm. Our production levels are at 400m3/hour. The largest proportion of the primary aggregate is used to manufacture concrete (36%), with a further 10% used to manufacture the cement that is also used in the concrete. Used in roads (Asphalt) is the second largest category (26%), while 20% of aggregates were used in other construction uses & fills and another 2% were used for railway ballast. Aggregates are used in construction to provide drainage, fill voids, protect pipes, and to provide hard surfaces. They are also used in water filtration and sewage treatment processes.

Mineral Ressources: About


Gold Mining Company

Matz is Holding company involved in minerals exploration and mining businesses  The aim of Matz is to become a mineral producer with quality assets and continue to develop a solid pipeline through exploration initiatives and acquisitions. Currently, there is specific focus on Gold exploration while owning of one exploration licenses with multiple zones at various stages of development covering total area of 521km2. The team behing Matz is known to be professional and dynamic with a strong management team with 100 years of combined experiences and legacies.

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Mineral Ressources: About
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